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Shira Shaham-Niv, Postdoc student

Metabolic Research Project Leader

Shira Shaham-Niv has submitted her Ph.D. thesis, which was carried out under the supervision of Prof. Ehud Gazit at Tel Aviv University. Before starting her academic path, she was a management of two international volunteer projects in Mexico, at "Vive Mexico", UNESCO. She completed her B.Sc. in Biotechnology at Tel Aviv University, being awarded the Dean of Faculty Award for outstanding achievements in studies, and her M.Sc. (cum laude)in Microbiology, having awarded the Dean of Faculty Award for outstanding achievements in research and teaching. During her Ph.D. studies, she has established the area of metabolite amyloids, providing pioneering proof of the ability of small metabolites, which accumulate in different pathological conditions, to self-assemble and form amyloid structures. This innovative research resulted in five published research papers on which she is the first author. Moreover, she has initiate numerous collaborations with medical centers and academia worldwide. Her research was granted the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Individual Research Grant. In addition, she was personally awarded the matching Rector Excellence Fellowship for Ph.D. students and the Strauss and Danone institute scholarship for Ph.D. students.She currently leads the metabolic research group, including responsibility for several on-going projects and collaborations with academia, clinical and pharma teams. Today, at the verge of graduating her Ph.D. studies, she is in the process of developing and translating several projects into an academia industry collaboration.For this purpose, she was recently granted an exclusive Colton-Nadal grant aimed to allow TAU researchers to promote projects and increase their commercial value.