Dr. Evan Elliott

Dr. Evan Elliott joined the Bar Ilan University Faculty of Medicine in Safed as one of the founding academic scientists in 2011, and established his laboratory to uncover molecular mechanisms involved in the development of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  The laboratory works on both  human samples and mouse models to understand biological pathways involved in ASD. Within the last few years, the lab's main focus has been on the role of the dysregulation of epigenetics and the microbiome in ASD.  Through both human and mouse model research, the laboratory has identified epigenetic pathways associated with ASD, and are performing numerous microbiome analysis on individuals with autism, with the main goal to understand how the interplay of microbiome and epigenetic mechanisms may play an important role in the development of ASD, and may be a strong potential target for therapeutic intervention. In addition to these scientific activities, Dr. Evan Elliott has established an ASD registry and biobank, with the goal of gaining biological insight which may help create a personalized medicine approach in ASD. In addition, Dr. Evan Elliott is a co-organizer of the brain and mind course for medical students and teaches courses on biopsychology and scientific writing for masters and PhD students in the faculty.